2023 in Review

@imarikchakma · Dec 31, 2023

Hello fellow reader! I’m starting to do these end-of-year reflections. It will help me to recall what I’ve done and what I need to improve upon.

  1. I joined roadmap.sh.
  2. We have launched user accounts in roadmap.sh.
  3. I launched Maily.
  4. I learned about MongoDB, Go, Docker, Ansible, and AWS a lot, thanks to Kamran Ahmed for helping me learn these.
  5. We have launched Teams in roadmap.sh. You can now create Teams and Groups to learn with others.
  6. We have launched Questions in roadmap.sh.
  7. We have launched Roadmap Editor. Now you can create custom roadmaps, add content and resources, share them with your friends, teams, and publicly.
  8. We have introduced Generate Roadmap from Text for the Roadmap Editor.

Along with a lot of stress and managing my university life, my 2023 was overall a great year. For 2024, I will focus more on Backend and DevOps.