I'm a frontend developer interested in filmmaking, content creation, vlogging, and backend based in Bangladesh. I enjoy visualizing problems and writing code to solve them.

I came across computer kinds of stuff in school and have spent five years as a cinematographer and editor. Taken programming more seriously after joining college, worked as a freelance developer, and am pursuing a BSc degree in Computer Science. Building projects and experimenting in a little lab—and now writing html at roadmap.sh. Building my side project, Shoutly(beta).

My goal is to build cool things that make people's lives easier or more interesting—whether that's through building an app or writing code for other people.

  • Created Chat, where you can create project specific chat rooms and invite your team members.
  • Building Tokens.Army, which helps you explore your fantastic nfts on Ethreum and manage your ens domains. (cooking)
  • Created OG, which gerates open graph data from a url and helps you create dynamic og images for Tokens.Army. (cooking)