How I developed my site with NextJs and Tailwindcss?

22 January, 2022

2 min read

Lately, but finally, I'm starting my logging journey. Something is better than nothing, though I planned to build this site in 2021. My h*cking distractions constantly diverted me from my route. There is a wist whenever I get distracted; I do something out of my comfort zone.

So Finally, after not sleeping for a day and a night, I developed my blogging site. I used every(not every though) modern technology out there. I tried to make this one super fast, like a flash. It performed great in the "lighthouse" and so many analytics sites.

Tech Stack:

  1. NextJS: React based framework, which is insane.
  2. TailwindCSS: Though I never used synthetic sugar frameworks for CSS, tailwind amazed me seriously.
  3. MDX: All blog posts are written and will be written in MDX.
  4. Contentlayer: It's currently not released fully, but you can try this out from their GitHub repo. It helps me to bundle my MDX into actual data.
  5. Supabase: Currently not using but planning to use it for the backend. Btw it's open-source. Future Target:
  6. Rewrite the whole codebase using TypeScript and Remix.
  7. Add functionality like reactions or only like, whatever I find best.

Coming Soon

console.log('Coming Soon!');


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